Tranexamic Acid on TV

Recently the BBC aired a new programme called An Hour to Save Your Life, exploring the life or death decisions facing medical professionals in the first critical hour of emergency care...more


The Promise

"We promise to consider the new knowledge on tranexamic acid in bleeding trauma patients and to use it to improve trauma care at this hospital."


A Promise to Save 100,000 Trauma Victims

We now know that injury robs humanity of some 300 million years of healthy life per annum, being responsible for 11% of DALYs world-wide.  Road traffic crashes are the number one killer for young people and account for nearly one third of the world injury burden, a total of 76 million DALYs in 2010, up from 57 million in 1990. Most of the victims are young, many with families that depend on them... more

The Evidence for Tranexamic Acid

Download a list of papers, evidence for using tranexamic acid for trauma injuries: